Design Industry Voices survey 2012 sees fluid workforce trends continuing.

The headlines

1. More staff than ever intend to change job within a year (59%). Agencies are employing fewer permanent staff, more freelancers and more interns.

2. The widest perceived delivery gap is for ‘has a management team that demonstrates strong leadership skills’ (-53.1%). Owners have a rosier view of agency performance than their staff.
(The delivery gap is the difference between the perceived importance compared to perception of how well an agency currently performs in relation to an agency attribute.)

3. More staff than ever write their personal thoughts about work on social networking sites (34.6%).

4. Clients expect more work for less money to make up for budget cuts. Agencies are expected to do more work for free to win pitches and the pitch process is taking longer. Clients want ‘safer’ work.

5. Only 9% of respondents say clients demand accessible designs and fewer than half (45.7%) agree that they understand how to design in a way that improves accessibility for people with disabilities.

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